What the Critics are Saying...

Perfect Alchemy: The Extraordinary World Premiere at Teatro Aligheri...Alchemy is a show of dance beyond the dance… The art of dancing that transforms ancestral right and evocation into pure gold.“
— Ravenna Dintorni, Italy
[Alchemy] is a show that releases secret suggestions and takes viweres into a surreal dimension.
— Madrid Diario
[Alchemy is] most notable for its subtlety and mysterious beauty”
— Dallas Morning News
Rich in visual images, dynamic in each and every sequence.
— El Pais, Madrid
The magic of Alchemy, between acrobatic and metaphor...
— La Repubbica, Italy
Pendleton takes us on a journey of sensorial dimensions of paintings moving freely into the third and fourth dimensions.
— Dallas Magazine
Alchemy is one of the most delicate and poetic works of Moses Pendleton. A succession of pieces full of fantasy, beauty, and elegant, some magical. Strength, rigor, musicality are the qualities of these ten artists that unfold in an incredible performance which does not allow for a second of rest.
— Julio Bravo for ABC.es, Madrid Spain
Alchemy captures the entire history of Momix, as if a truly secret and captivating process has distilled in the retorts of their rehearsal studio.
— El Pais, Madrid
The sheer physicality of Alchemia is breathtaking; a brilliant journey into a surreal otherworld where earth, water, air, and fire—in the form of dancers, music, lighting, and props—come together.
— The Philadelphia Inquirer